Xpractical perspective: Web based Point-of-sale reliability

Web based point-of-sale (POS) providers such as "vend" and "Imonggo" are the hot new trend for retailers looking to reduce costs and provide mobile POS in store via ipad. But what happens when we loose our Internet connection in-store? For years retail Software vendors have been promoting that their POS solutions will keep running if the connection to back office is lost, how can we make web POS as reliable as this?

Here at Xpractical we have the solution. We recommend that retailers wanting to use Web based POS solutions also implement a multi WAN router.

So what is a multi WAN router? Its a $600-$1500 smart device that connects to the Internet via multiple paths. At a minimum we recommend a combination of a normal ADSL2 link to an ISP plus a 3G data connection. The mullti WAN router will automatically switch to the other service if one service goes offline, the result is that the retailer is always connected to the Internet and sales are never lost. Send us a message to discuss!

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