Omni-channel over hyped

Why would I want to click and collect at Dan Murphy - the whole point of wine ordered on the internet is it is delivered to my door and I don't have to lug it in and out of the car.

Why would I want to take the time to personally return an item I brought online into store - I purchased the item so I didn't have to get in the car, find a car park, go into store and be tempted to buy something else I didn't really need.

Why do so many Australia internet retailers make returns so hard. Why can't I drop the item off at a convenient location like a service station or the corner store. I don't want to read an A4 page of instructions on how to do the returns thats different for each retailer. I don't want an RA number, I want a return address sticker that I can place on the box it was delivered in and another sticker/receipt combo for the box at the drop off point.

I'm tied of finding "could not deliver cards" stuck in my front door telling me I can pick up between 1pm and 6pm from the OZ post depo - Like most families both myself and my wife work and guess what - nobody finishes work before 6pm in 2013!!

Most Australian retailers haven't even got a muti-channel gift card working yet ( one that you can use online or in-store ) and Westfield are the only examples I know of as I built the Bonds one! The wasted DJs and Country road in-store only gift cards at home with their one/two years expire date annoy me enough to actively avoid shopping at these brands.

Why isn't delivery in the next day or two. I ordered a mouse from Apple Australia at lunch time one thursday and it was on my desk when I got to work on Friday! ( thanks Emma for signing for it ) Try ordering from Kogan at Christmas time and watch the weeks go by without delivery and no updates on why it is delayed.

Why do half the sites in Australia that I have used loose the delivery information just keyed if I miss a field on the form or make a mistake. I don't want to key it again. I wouldn't be expected to start again if I made a mistake at a service counter so why should I online.

Why don't all sites have paypal express. Yes I know that the retailer wants the consumer email and address and doesn't like paypal express but guess what, I may not want you to have it and I like the convenience of not having to register with your site.

Who in their right mind at cellermaster thinks it is a good idea to send me an EDM email every day. Good EDM platforms can do email rate limiting, its obviously not being used here. Just because I said ok to newsletter doesn't mean I want my email inbox filled up. They don't ring or write to me every day so why the spam emails, why wouldn't they ask me how often it was ok to email.  After the 100's of unopened and un-clicked emails you would think they would get the message, don't they analyse their EDM traffic? Bring on gmail email classification to all mail clients. ( Try it, it works well )

Why do so many ordering sites insist on building innovative and quirky check out processes. Please just copy the big guys. There is no value add to the consumer to understand/learn another checkout method, I abandon carts at the slightest  hint of having to learn something new, if you are not converting at 2% something is wrong.

No facetted search in Kmart and Myer - you have to be kidding - I can't filter by two brands or two price ranges at the same time. At lease Target worked this one out eventually.

Did you know in California you can return items by putting them back in the letter box - now thats a service!

Getting an EDM for Coles or Wollies that summaries current specials based only on items I have purchased in the past - now that would be a service!

In my opinion there is too much talk about omni-channel retailing when we have not got the basics right yet. The problem in Australia is delivery, service and consistency. So before we all get to excited about Omni-channel lets get the basics right in online.

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