Driving traffic

For small businesses to medium business thinking about going online to sell, driving traffic to the web site to reach a acceptable ROI is the first consideration.

So how do we drive traffic?

Step one is to have a compelling destination, there is no point driving traffic to an online store that no one wants to explore.

To be "compelling" you must have product or service that has at least one of the following attributes:

- Unique and desired
- Cheapest - nobody cares which online store they buy printer cartridges or a mouse from
- Compelling new variant to an existing service/product
- Under a brand with existing healthy awareness
- Proven successful in bricks and mortar and will transition well to online
- Well endorsed by celebs, experts or social
- Provides a user experience that is better than all competition
- Be first to online in your category - hard to do these days

Next step is to think about is "location" to gather  passing traffic. This is just like thinking about a physical stores location to capture foot traffic. In the online world location is all about "linkage"

- Capture an interest group - ie targeted product range, deliver a certain style/look
- Leverage an existing relavent consumer database via EDM
- Leverage existing  successful online assets
- Blow everyone else away in google SEO/SEM
- Get on TV or in magazines via an angle or novelty
- Give good stuff away or deep discount to generate interest ( careful, this is not a sustainable approach )

Now we have sorted location and destination we can think about driving traffic from wider sources, This can be via Affiliates, Paid advertising, Seeding social media, Reviews, Flyers, Member-get-member etc, the list of possibilities is almost endless.

Think about an apple store, great destination and always in a high foot traffic location. They got the basics right and with their super brand awareness only have to gently "drive traffic" using new product announcement advertising

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