What we do

1) e-Commerce

We have years of experience in B2C and B2B ecommerce. We know everything there is to know about magento. We can assist or run your magento project. We specialise in fixing messed up magento projects and guiding merchants to take back control of their website and its development.

Skills are:
  • Data migration & data loading automation
  • Zero programming websites - you can build great sites without hacking up the PHP
  • Module selection. "Composer" best practice module management
  • Performance tuning. - You won't need the hard to manage Varnish, but you may need HHVM and a CDN.
  • Security & penetration testing
  • Multi warehouse, Multi store
  • ERP & CRM integration. SAP done right. EDI and 3PL integration.
  • Mass order extracts and mass inventory updates direct to/fom database
  • Offshore development management with quality assurance 
  • Github Source code management and automated deploy
  • Migration from Enterprise back to Open source
  • Site administration and health automation

2) Build processes or systems to transform data

It may be customer data or it may be product data. We have extensive experience  in transforming, merging, cross referencing data to make it fit for the new purpose. Typically we use SQL, Excel or Google sheets plus powerfully C++/VB/PHP scripting to manage large data sets that require a combination of human vetting, value add as well as automated transformation. We know it's never as simple as unload from one system and re-load to the new.

3) Business Analysis & Functional Specification

If you have a difficult or complex enhancement or problem, say connecting your e-commerce and retail platforms to customer-relationship-management (CRM) or back-office, we can write up the plan. We have years of experience as getting to the true business issue that needs to be solved, achieving consensus and then documenting the requirement in a simple and clear to understand way. We don't just do "as-is" and "too-be" process analysis, we prepare for "really-is", don't let anyone tell you that the new Software will cover your needs "out-of-the-box". 

4) Review or develop strategy/roadmaps

Good businesses often have have product road maps and transformation/growth plans, these are usually for the 1-3 year horizon. We can review or develop these to ensure IT best practice is considered and that outcomes will match or beat competitor approaches and offerings. We can quickly ballpark what the budget and effort should be for the business visions IT components and dependencies. 

5) IT technical requirements & Request-for-quote (RFQ) development

Here we work with you to take your project vision and turn this into a practical technical document that a web site build-partner or supplier can quote against. We make sure it covers all the best practice components and services to ensure a successful outcome. We also provide the right structure and content to make the suppliers job clear. Through our network and experience we know who is best suited to quote on your work.

6) Review project pitches/proposals

We can help you select the best build partner from a short list of suppliers that have provided project proposals. We know the things to look for. We will formulate follow-up and clarification questions. We will ensure topics such as warranty period and post-implementation support and intellectual property are covered. Choosing the right implementation partner is often more important than choosing the right Software solution

7) Review/Audit in-flight projects

You may have already started or just finished an online, ecommerce or other IT project. You may be concerned that a project is going off the rails. We can review and recommend next steps. We will focus on meeting the project's objectives. There's nothing like a independent review to keep the sponsors happy and minimise your risks.

8) Costs & Productivity reviews

Provides a checklist of current IT systems, productivity tools and business processes against best practice. Recommends costs saving or a productivity improving program of work.

9) Review/Design IT delivery capabilities

It may be Jira, Agile, Amazon deploy or it may be how to better get web developers to work with marketing, we have extensive experience in IT department redesign and IT department to business vision alignment. If you have been working the same way for years there is most certainly going to be improvements possible.

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