Who we are

The "team" is myself and my network. I have 5 close highly trusted professional associates that I can bring in for specific purposes.

I hold advisory roles with multiple owners of high tech Software businesses which keeps me exposed to business decision making in the latest IT technologies and practices.

I invest at least 1-2 days per week in keeping pace with practical IT advancements & trends.

I tend to take on no more work than 16-24hrs regular/booked per week. This gives me the flexibility to be at call for troubleshooting or when deadlines needs to be met.

I have worked-on or managed projects from $10,000 to $1,000,000. Small projects can be just as risky and complex as large ones. I can bring enterprise level thinking, experience and approaches to small/medium business at a cost that is proportional and reasonable to the benefits gained. I know instantly when "Enterprise" solutions are not right for a smaller business.

Importantly I am not aligned to any particular IT consulting companies or have project build services I'm trying to leverage in.

Also importantly I am not aligned to any particular Software Solutions. I do a lot of work with Magento as it dominates the mid/small ecommerce market but I know its upper limits and will not hesitate to call them out. 

My short term engagement rates at  $120/hr are very reasonable. Drop me a note if you have a larger block of work.

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