Why use us

After years in IT and Engineering I have been given (and solved) all manner of IT related problems & challenges. I am comfortable across the domains of hardware, Software, Process and Data and where these intersect with each other and people. I still code in PHP and C++ but am as equally comfortable running IT strategy workshops.

On top of this experience I have maintained my knowledge to be on top of the fast moving world of internet-of-things, Cloud, agile development and productivity tools. I know what works and how it needs to be applied to work well. I have an extensive network of IT related professionals to call upon if needed and know who to best turn to in any given situation.

I see a gap in the capabilities of small/medium business that I can help fill. These organisations cannot afford to employee full time IT solution architects and designers and as a result waste money in projects or live with sub-standard IT outcomes. 

Either upfront before the money is spent ( or in a disaster ) my services for a few days or weeks can completely turn around IT projects and services.

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